Balloon Consults: Private Session with Junior


Are you wanting a more in-depth and personalized class experience with Junior? Then this private consult is the right solution for you!  Spend 60 minutes with your favorite Balloon Biz CEO Junior in this live, one-on-one video consult.


  1. After the purchase of your consult, Junior will email you to schedule your consult time and receive your topics or questions you would like the consult to focus on!
  2. Next, Junior will create a 60-minute consult based around your pre-meeting email.
  3. During the meeting, Junior will present the information, as well as answer any additional questions you may have!
  4. All consults are recorded and will be emailed at the end of the session!


Consult Includes:

  • Pre-Consult Email with the topics, questions, or material you want to learn about.
  • A personalized 60-minute consult over your email topics.
  • A recording of your session to be emailed!






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